3 responses to “The Charlie Gibson Interview, Part 1”

  1. Open Thread: Sarah Palin Interview With Charlie Gibson..Reactions And Commentary Added | Right Voices

    [...] The Charlie Gibson Interview, Part 1 [...]

  2. A. Hop

    Shame on you, Charlie Gibson! Shame! A “seasoned” and respected news anchor/commentator lowering himself to this level! Guess ABC decided NBC was lonely in the “armpit of the universe” and decided to join them there.

  3. steve berrier

    gibson is a lightweight!! he was just trying to get Palin on gotchas but she was too skilled to fall into that trap! she’s a pro & we like her she & mccain will stomp those liberals & their lying media supporters anyway why does an old man like gibson want to be called “Charlie” that’s the name of an old dog

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