3 responses to “RNC Wake Up Call”

  1. Dean

    A note about the Hoffman loss.
    Owens 49%
    Hoffman 46%
    Scozzafava 6%

    Not really a loss. Probably 6% of absentee ballots that couldn’t be changed to not vote for RINO Dede.

  2. delguy

    Let me get this straight.A conservative loses in a conservative district and you think running conservatives in more left leaning districts will do what? You’re delusional.

  3. AmericanElephant

    Delusional? Hardly.

    A Conservative joins the race approximately 30 days out, without the benefit of most of the absentee ballots and gets no backing from either of the two party establishments until 2 days prior. That same Conservative has to fight not just the Democrat but the RINO Establishment Republican who proves her hypocrisy by supporting the Dem at the 11th hour. That same Conservative still earns 46% of the vote.

    Imagine if the Republican Party had actually nominated a Conservative? Imagine if they had held a primary and listened to the people instead of deciding who could run behind closed doors?

    It would have been a decisive Conservative Victory for the GOP and we would have a real Conservative in Washington. Instead the GOP gave us a Liberal in Elephant’s clothes to compete against another Liberal who at least didn’t pretend to be something he’s not.

    If Scozzafava was in DC playing with Nancy Pelosi, we would have lost anyway. Maybe not at the ballot box, but in the votes on Capitol Hill. At least now we know what we have, and the GOP knows who is boss. Appointing RINOs has never been the answer. The RNC should get that message loud and clear.

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