32 responses to “Boycott California”

  1. coffee fan

    Any states that really want to help out the poor beleaguered illegals, they should invite them all to migrate over ASAP

  2. Julie

    We are boycottng California, we cance;ed our order for 26 cases of wine from Napa.

    I did some research and found the Arizona businesses with some great Mothers Day gift baskets.
    Show Mom your love and support our friends in Arizona.

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  3. Jackie

    No need to boycott California. Our self centered ignorant government is doing a great job of destroying California businesses all by themselves.

  4. Gary Fredericks

    California is going to ask for a taxpayer bailout very soon. That is when we can all remind California that stabbing a neighbor in the back is not soon forgotten. No bailout from the American taxpayers for California! No re-election for any congressman who suggests helping California with taxpayer money! No California wine purchases or manufactured goods from California either. Boycotts work both ways.

  5. joyce

    I will gladly boycott California products, including SF and LA! No more California wine for me and that will really hurt them!!! I can live without Hollywood movies too!!!!

  6. Vaun Wimberly

    I have joined the boycott California. What those opposed to Arizonas enforceing the emigration law dont get is that the oprative word in (ILLEGAL EMIGRATE) is ILLEGAL.There is a legal way to come to The USA.

  7. Randy Anderson

    My family goes to Disneyland every year. We won’t be traveling to California anymore.

  8. Brian

    A Boycott of California has been long over due!!!! This is America, If you wanna fly your mexican flag, get your proud ass back over on the other side of the border where you belong.

  9. Melissa Hatfield

    I would like to find a comprehensive list of goods that are sold nationwide, and are made in California. Does anyone know of a good resource for this?

  10. Mike

    I agree 100%. Boycott California!!! Start with Napa Valley, move on to Silicon Valley and last but not least Hollywood.

    Time for them to feel the pain. I am sick of California determining what happens in my country.

  11. Bob Boggs

    You can find a summary of items made in California itmes at:

    Be sure to let them know that you will be boycotting their state.

  12. Rich

    With over 60% of the county supporting AZ immigration law. I totally agree. I think if this idea was broadcasted people will support AZ and start boycotting Calf.. Their $19 billion hole will balloon and let’s see what their politics are then.

  13. keith Hoffmann

    although i live in cal i support a boycott of cal. start buy not sending them water then quit sending electric power and give arnold back his prisoners being kept in arizona. it wont bother my wife or i if you boycott cal as we just purchased another 40 acres of land in seligman ariz we find the people are super there and not far out radicals like in cal. cant wait to retire back home in arizona. lets all boycott now

  14. cb

    i support arizona, and will boycott any and all california cities who support illegals over americans.

  15. BOBBIE

    I live in L.A county. I agree with a boycott of the state.

  16. Guest

    I am boycotting California and especially Hollywood. I will no longer go to movies, rent, or purchase DVDs until the California boycott on Arizona is lifted.

  17. Keith Klem

    I haven’t been to a movie in years. Gave up on those elitists a long time ago. Now I’l just have to give up CA wines and oh yes my next fun trip will be somewhere other than CA. Have a nice day!

  18. Lee

    Not only boycott California, lets sell the whole state to the Chinese! I sure they could solve the illegal immigration problem in about 20 MINUTES

  19. Eric M

    I live in Los Angeles and I support Arizona. In stead of mirroring what certain politicians in California are doing, by issuing a blanket boycott, why not boycott those businesses who VOCALLY DISAGREE WITH THE ARIZONA LAW?? There are plenty of us here in California (yes, even Los Angeles – Ever listen to the John & Ken Show on KFI) who are doing the opposite and planning trips to Arizona, or going out of our way to purchase from Arizona businesses. I think you are alienating many good folks in California who agree with you… When that happens, only the politicians win.

  20. John Greer

    I support Arizona and I will not buy any wine or produce or any other product from California until furthur notice.

  21. K962

    John Greer amen!! I have emailed the governors office and the Chamber of commerce for Los Angelas. I will not buy anything produced in California including any and all wine and vegetables. Knife cuts both ways California!

  22. Robert S McCabe

    The Feds WON’T do it and it is way beyond time to stand up for Arizona aka /Federal Law
    I support Arizona 100%-and will not purchase ANYTHING or travel to California.

  23. Daryl White

    I agree… Let’s bully the bully… no more CA products until they back off this ridiculous boycott if I can find it elsewhere or if I can live without it (wine, IPODs and google). I will buy from AZ if they have it to sell and I need it. I am not sure if I am in the majority or the minority but I can vote… with my wallet.
    Hooray for the Grand Canyon state.

  24. Stephanie

    I am from Arizona and appreciate all the support from everyone! For all the wine lovers out there, Arizona has vineyards and makes a pretty decent wine. AZ Stronghold, Page cellars, Bitter Creek, Jerome Winery and the list goes on. A couple of my friends who usually take a trip to Napa valley for vineyard tours have decided to spend a couple of days in the lovely little town of Cottonwood and vist the 10 vineyards / wine tasting rooms in that area. http://www.arizonavinesandwines.com. Arizona is very diverse and the people are lovely (I am from LA original). I have fallen in love with this state and all it has to offer. Come for a visit!

  25. zena

    My husband and I live in LA and work in the travel and entertainment businesses. We 100% agree with Arizona and are pissed that 14 individuals that don’t represent us voted a boycott. How do we boycott a city we live in? Who do I write to? complain to? If you’ve got any answers we’d greatly appreciate it as we are really upset that our voices aren’t heard in a state where we pay taxes, abide by the laws and are productive, informed citizens.

  26. Ribbitt

    I live in the mid west, am not a “tea-party type” and have usually voted Democrat, but not anymore.

    My company (60 employees) just cancelled our annual sales meeting in San Francisco. We have branches in 7 states and all employees were advised not to purchase any product or service from California.

    It has been suggested, and many of us will follow through, that we notify our grocery stores that we will not be purchasing any fresh, frozen or canned produce from any place in California. I have notified the grocery chain that I shop at that if they carry California produce, I will cease shopping at their stores.

    This anarchy that California politicians brought on is backfiring on the whole state. Considering that most American citizens dislike illegal immigration and the burdens it places on taxpaying citizens, California has started something that will only hurt its failing economy.

    As other states enact legislation to preclude further illegal immigration, California will find themselves bereft of much needed business at a time when they need it most.

    More wisdom is needed by Californians when they select polititians to represent their interests.

  27. Waylon

    I’m no longer buying any of my electronics from California. I’m buying overseas and actually saving a large amount of money. I’m taking all of my savings from buying elsewhere and contributing it to the Support Arizona project.

  28. Chuck

    My wife and I are appalled at the California boycott of Arizona. We will no longer support them with any product purchases from them. And we are looking for decals that say “Boycott California” for ourselves and friends. Arizona, we got your back.

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