Thanks for visiting AmericanElephant.com. I am a God-fearing, right-handed, right-leaning Southern man who is proud to call North Carolina home (even though the Democrats running the place are corrupt). This is my little oasis on the web. I’m a recovering mortgage broker who was certainly a victim of the whole “mortgage crisis” that started in 2007 and seemingly will never end. I’m happily married to the best woman on the planet (I definitely married up). I don’t know what I did to deserve my beautiful, loving wife, but I thank God everyday for her. We have two rescue dogs and a little elephant (make that two) of our own.

Rants Free of Charge

It is more important than ever for Conservatives to exercise their free speech rights and get involved in the political process at all levels of government. Check out the Commentary section for our latest diatribe, or visit Elephant Watch for short tidbits of great information from around the web. We can’t promise all of the content will always be G-Rated, and it certainly won’t always be politically-correct, but blog posts will always be intellectually honest and and quite often cause anxiety among the left.

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American Elephant Conservative T-Shirts

The American Elephant Store

Direct from the vast right-wing conspiracy manufacturing facility, American Elephant supplies t-shirts, hats, other apparel and gifts with a conservative point of view. American Elephant has been featured in a BusinessWeek.com article and had merchandise shown on CBS’ The Early Show. Hollywood Celebs have been caught wearing our t-shirts, and one of our hats even showed up in a MoveOn.org ad with the cast from Gossip Girl.

Accept no substitutes.  There are other stores and blogs trying to capitalize on our name and publicity.  We are the original American Elephant, with the original American Elephant Store and Apparel Company.

Our store features Conservative and TEA Party apparel, Anti-Obama and Anti-Liberal shirts and bumper stickers along with other merchandise for people with the right point of view. While the election has passed, the Conservative Movement is just picking up steam. American Elephant Apparel was wildly popular during the 2008 election campaign and will continue to be a big hit with all of your Conservative friends. Even more important, American Elephant designs are sure enrage liberals, making them essential items in any conservative’s wardrobe.

American Elephant apparel and gift items are made-to-order using the latest print-on-demand technology. Our items are fulfilled exclusively by the VRWC manufacturing facility at Zazzle. Each time Zazzle receives an order from our shop, their production facility immediately begins the process of producing and fulfilling your order. Your professionally-finished order will arrive to your door promptly and of the highest quality.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Shop with confidence knowing that your order is backed by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with your order for any reason, just return if to receive your money back. Even personalized merchandise is backed by our guarantee so you have ample time to check items for fit, color and quality.

Why Conservative Apparel?

Why not? Conservatives need a voice. With the liberal elite media trying to shove leftist propaganda down our throats, attempting to re-write American history through their skewed viewpoint and trying to control the Election process… Conservatives must stand up. Our point of view is called “right” for a reason.

So is it a Blog or is it a Store?

Its a blog, with a store. We would be content just writing a blog, and we are more than happy to have readers who don’t buy our conservative shirts or bumper stickers. But we believe there is a vacuum in the marketplace and too few sources for conservative t-shirts or other right-leaning gear. So rather than sell ads on this site to fund server space and bandwidth, we decided to sell t-shirts instead. Then you, the reader, get to decide if we are doing a good job and worthy of income to defray our costs… and in the process you get a pretty cool conservative t-shirt, button or bumper sticker. We don’t think our t-shirt store is any different than other sites that have ads, except our t-shirts are cooler, topical, and often tick liberals off.

Does that mean we won’t ever sell ads? We might. As entrepreneurs, we have or work with a few other businesses that may advertise here from time to time, but they will never be intrusive or become the focus of the site.


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